Invisible forces that ignite human behavior fascinate me.

Our lives are monotonous yet messy, sumptuous and despicable at times.  And there are moments of bliss that seem to overwhelm our fears.  All this brings me to the easel.

Personal experience tells me that the mind guards the heart with precision, analysis or indifference. Therefore I render human drama as abstractions. Much like dream images, these implications of human behavior deny clear thinking and leaven the soul – daemon.  Hundreds of drawings depict my sense of this ongoing drama.

At the Easel

My original high quality art prints explore many subjects and themes. These works of abstract figurative art show glimpses of human behavior in all its variety. There are drawings of mythical creatures in contemporary settings, whimsical or surrealist drawings of musicians performing, and ordinary people in unusual circumstances.

Intaglio etchings are being produced from over 400 charcoal drawings created in my Sausalito studio. At regular intervals a new selection of drawings will be interpreted as etchings.

The process uses Lanaquarrele 640 gram sheets and Gampi Chine Collé papers.



My brother and I were parented by an artist and a part-time writer.  Born in San Francisco and raised in what was once Santa Clara Valley, I watched apricot orchards and shaded creeks give way to a national defense industry that became Silicon Valley.

I struggled in school yet succeeded in advertising as a creative.  Since 1980 I have produced tens of thousands of two-minute sketches in search of solutions for clients in need of print advertisements, branding and packaging.  Now I bring this imaginative calisthenic to the easel.

Forty years later, graphic images no longer captivate me.  What survives is my fascination with human drama, combined with gnawing ignorance.  I will not stop exploring and revealing these unseen and eternally vague human forces refracted through a mythic lens.